The Forgotten Ones

from by Dreamslain



this song is dedicated to children that are victims of war


The chessboard sett: they move their pieces
The game of war it never ends
They choose the field: a land in turmoil
Turn towards hate yesterday’s friends
They move in turns: pawns start falling
Cities burn, slaughtered are men
To no purpose but the war game
Who holds the most land in the end?

Death rains from the sky
Hear cries of pain as they die
War fight for a lie

No escape from here
Run empty eye sockets stare
Death is everywhere

More pawns are lost, the world will not care:
No one will count all the ones lost
The board of chess in blood soaked now
But the players will not pay the cost
Civilians they deem to be worthless
They must die for the power play
Childhoods lost as their homes burn
Will they even see another day

Childhood ends here
Cold hearts are everywhere
Hearts choked by fear

No escape from here
Run empty eye sockets stare
Death is everywhere

Childhood ends this day
Big boots take it all away
Little children cry
Mommy, daddy all did die
Where can they safe be
No where for them left to flee
No one them to hold
All alone in this world cold

Solo: Anna

In a heartbeat she
Would give back your democracy
That your war her gave
To get mommy back from the grave
Lost is hope all
Shivering as cold snow fall
Orphans the price pay
As the world turns from them away

Look her in the eyes:
A small child that cries
Dare you tell your lies?

Will you say it’s right:
Worth the death in fight
Cause it’s not your plight?

We must this game end
Hand of help them lend
Dare them to defend

There’s no time to wait:
Speak or it’s to late!
We can change their fate!

Solo: Igor


from Tales of War, released November 11, 2016
Daniel Paulsen Figenschou - drums
Anna Loppacher - keyboards
Igor Jakobsen - vocals, guitars, bass guitar



all rights reserved


Dreamslain Tromsø, Norway

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