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I have escaped I have returned!
Ran away from what my heart burned
Ran from the war and from the pain
Now finally I see my home again!

My heart is free my soul redeemed
I’ll see again of what I dreamed
My love, my friends my family
With them forever I will be

Burned houses everywhere, bodies lying on the ground
Ran form death and pain away, death and pain is all I found!
All my friends are lying dead, women, children all were slain
No one armed, they tried to fight, but it was in vain.

I walk through the burned remains, of the life we all once led
Naked bloodied bodies tell, me the tale of this bloodshed
Still I search thought the remains, hope that my love I won’t find
Hope she at least got away, but I see fate weren’t that kind

Solo: Igor

Suffering their hour last
Their life shattered, away cast
They paid for my deeds the cost
All hope now forever lost.

How many more have died
By the word of those that lied:
No end to this misery
Never we’ll be truly free…

Solo: Anna

I found all, what was left of, my dear love her life was lost
I see there was no escape, she paid my deeds cost
I fought in this pointless war, that humans into beast turned
Thought I had escaped it now, but me in revenge it burned
Their and our orders alike: kill all that is in your way
My town they found and attacked, as we did another day.
My love dead lay in my hands, heaviest toll for my own part
In this war for no true cause, but death of our heart

How many more will die
By the words of those that lie?
Can we end this misery
So everyone can live free?

How many more will die
By the words of those that lie
How many more will die
By the words of those that lie


from Tales of War, released November 11, 2016
Daniel Paulsen Figenschou - drums
Anna Loppacher - keyboards, backing vocals
Igor Jakobsen - vocals, guitars, banjo, bass guitar



all rights reserved


Dreamslain Tromsø, Norway

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