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At the battlefield, between the trenches,
He rose up, a man clad in white
Like an angel straight from heaven
And he asked them why do they fight?
A bright figure in this dark hell
Both sides stopped to fight
Held the fire, only watching
As he spoke to them that night:

You’re not murderers!
So what brought you here?
You have been mislead!
Ruled by hate and fear:

The soldiers ordered to fire
From both sides the bullets came
Still he stood unarmed, dangerous
Told the truth: who was to blame
It’s not that ideas are immortal
But the bullets missed by far
No man wants to kill another
Not killers, soldiers they are

Look in your enemy’s eyes: the same dreams you’ll see.
Lies have made you kill when friends you could be!
They earn a profit on each man that dies:
No freedom, no future you’ll gain from their lies

As he spoke, it was like in dream
The man ghostlike in their eyes
Weaponless in the field of death
Showing them they killed for lies
And they all dropped their weapons
Rose up from the trenches cold
Meeting midways with the other side
Swore to forsake the ways old

Solo: Igor

Then a gunshot from an officer
Red on the white clothed man
As commanders shouted orders
To kill for their fatherland

All the soldiers stood in silence
As the preaching man fell down
Looking in each other’s eyes
And his words in them were shown:

Looking inside, in their souls the same they see
That they could be brothers that they could live free
Turning in silent defiance, they won’t obey the lie
Today ends the misery: no more should have to die

No more will now have to die
By the words of those that lie!
We will end this misery
So everyone can live free!

Solo: Daniel


from Tales of War, released November 11, 2016
Daniel Paulsen Figenschou - drums
Anna Loppacher - keyboards, backing vocals
Igor Jakobsen - vocals, guitars, banjo, bass guitar



all rights reserved


Dreamslain Tromsø, Norway

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