Break Down The Walls

from by Dreamslain



Build the walls high, so we can’t see
Their suffering don’t concern you and me
From wars we start they try to escape
Wars made by our need to change their maps shape
So close the gate, let in no one
Of those who know what we have done
For their suffering we most not pay
So close your ears, and don’t hear what they pray

Don’t they feel pain, or are afraid, in the same way as we?
How can you decide that some should be slaves and some should live free?
Different skin, different beliefs don’t matter in the end!
So how can you justify that to their death you them back send?

They’ve traveled far to stand at our gate
Begging for a chance to change their fate
Oppressed and abused, but we don’t want to know
No place in our heaven for their sorrow
So we’ll do what we can to keep shut the door
And separate ourselves from the worlds poor
We can’t let them in, though they’re rather few
And we could afford it, you know it is true!

Solo - Igor

I will not take this, I’ve seen too much: here this will end
I won’t stand idle when back to hell children they send
Break down the walls: we never needed walls anyway
Cold hearts shall not dictate who shall be let to stay


from Tales of War, released November 11, 2016
Daniel Paulsen Figenschou - drums
Anna Loppacher - keyboards
Igor Jakobsen - vocals, guitars, bass guitar



all rights reserved


Dreamslain Tromsø, Norway

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