Tales of War

by Dreamslain

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first EP by heavy metal band Dreamslain


released November 11, 2016

all songs composed by
Igor Jakobsen, Anna Loppacher and Daniel Paulsen Figenschou
all lyrics by Igor Jakobsen



all rights reserved


Dreamslain Tromsø, Norway

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Track Name: Break Down The Walls
Build the walls high, so we can’t see
Their suffering don’t concern you and me
From wars we start they try to escape
Wars made by our need to change their maps shape
So close the gate, let in no one
Of those who know what we have done
For their suffering we most not pay
So close your ears, and don’t hear what they pray

Don’t they feel pain, or are afraid, in the same way as we?
How can you decide that some should be slaves and some should live free?
Different skin, different beliefs don’t matter in the end!
So how can you justify that to their death you them back send?

They’ve traveled far to stand at our gate
Begging for a chance to change their fate
Oppressed and abused, but we don’t want to know
No place in our heaven for their sorrow
So we’ll do what we can to keep shut the door
And separate ourselves from the worlds poor
We can’t let them in, though they’re rather few
And we could afford it, you know it is true!

Solo - Igor

I will not take this, I’ve seen too much: here this will end
I won’t stand idle when back to hell children they send
Break down the walls: we never needed walls anyway
Cold hearts shall not dictate who shall be let to stay
Track Name: Raw War
Under pouring rain
Are we all in vain
Dying one by one
With all hope long gone
Lies we all were told
Now we lie here cold
Men that could be friends
Killed by the same hands

A thin border dividing us
And both sides to arms called
Prepare: they will us soon attack
Defend our fatherland old
There we stood ready to strike
And they attacked first by chance
Bloodshed by both sides unleashed
The right action at first glance

We’re told beasts they are
Devils from afar
It’s easier this way
Them in vengeance to slay
But it wont’ bring back
Victims of their attack
When vengeance is done
Their deeds won’t be undone

And it races through my mind
Can’t we a way out find
Must our lives end this way?
Has what we want nothing to say?

Under pouring rain
Are we all in vain
Dying one by one
With all hope long gone
Lies we all were told
Now we lie here cold
Men that could be friends
Killed by the same hands

And I clearly see
He’s my enemy
But he’s just a boy
Holding his gun as a toy
What lies brought him here
Terrified stare
On corpses of friends
Here his childhood ends

And it races through my mind:
A new way I have to find
We’re told kill them or we’ll die
But what if neither want I?

Is there no way out?
I don’t want you dead!
Can’t we lay down arms?
Go in peace in stead?

Solo: Anna

So I offer now
Let’s end this sorrow
To many lay dead
To much blood we’ve shed
But you don’t trust me
Trigger pulled at me
I fall to the ground
As my friends hold you down

And I scream as I fall down
Death’s all that we found
Let him go, let him live
To end this we must learn to forgive
Track Name: Return
I have escaped I have returned!
Ran away from what my heart burned
Ran from the war and from the pain
Now finally I see my home again!

My heart is free my soul redeemed
I’ll see again of what I dreamed
My love, my friends my family
With them forever I will be

Burned houses everywhere, bodies lying on the ground
Ran form death and pain away, death and pain is all I found!
All my friends are lying dead, women, children all were slain
No one armed, they tried to fight, but it was in vain.

I walk through the burned remains, of the life we all once led
Naked bloodied bodies tell, me the tale of this bloodshed
Still I search thought the remains, hope that my love I won’t find
Hope she at least got away, but I see fate weren’t that kind

Solo: Igor

Suffering their hour last
Their life shattered, away cast
They paid for my deeds the cost
All hope now forever lost.

How many more have died
By the word of those that lied:
No end to this misery
Never we’ll be truly free…

Solo: Anna

I found all, what was left of, my dear love her life was lost
I see there was no escape, she paid my deeds cost
I fought in this pointless war, that humans into beast turned
Thought I had escaped it now, but me in revenge it burned
Their and our orders alike: kill all that is in your way
My town they found and attacked, as we did another day.
My love dead lay in my hands, heaviest toll for my own part
In this war for no true cause, but death of our heart

How many more will die
By the words of those that lie?
Can we end this misery
So everyone can live free?

How many more will die
By the words of those that lie
How many more will die
By the words of those that lie
Track Name: Question
At the battlefield, between the trenches,
He rose up, a man clad in white
Like an angel straight from heaven
And he asked them why do they fight?
A bright figure in this dark hell
Both sides stopped to fight
Held the fire, only watching
As he spoke to them that night:

You’re not murderers!
So what brought you here?
You have been mislead!
Ruled by hate and fear:

The soldiers ordered to fire
From both sides the bullets came
Still he stood unarmed, dangerous
Told the truth: who was to blame
It’s not that ideas are immortal
But the bullets missed by far
No man wants to kill another
Not killers, soldiers they are

Look in your enemy’s eyes: the same dreams you’ll see.
Lies have made you kill when friends you could be!
They earn a profit on each man that dies:
No freedom, no future you’ll gain from their lies

As he spoke, it was like in dream
The man ghostlike in their eyes
Weaponless in the field of death
Showing them they killed for lies
And they all dropped their weapons
Rose up from the trenches cold
Meeting midways with the other side
Swore to forsake the ways old

Solo: Igor

Then a gunshot from an officer
Red on the white clothed man
As commanders shouted orders
To kill for their fatherland

All the soldiers stood in silence
As the preaching man fell down
Looking in each other’s eyes
And his words in them were shown:

Looking inside, in their souls the same they see
That they could be brothers that they could live free
Turning in silent defiance, they won’t obey the lie
Today ends the misery: no more should have to die

No more will now have to die
By the words of those that lie!
We will end this misery
So everyone can live free!

Solo: Daniel
Track Name: The Forgotten Ones
The chessboard sett: they move their pieces
The game of war it never ends
They choose the field: a land in turmoil
Turn towards hate yesterday’s friends
They move in turns: pawns start falling
Cities burn, slaughtered are men
To no purpose but the war game
Who holds the most land in the end?

Death rains from the sky
Hear cries of pain as they die
War fight for a lie

No escape from here
Run empty eye sockets stare
Death is everywhere

More pawns are lost, the world will not care:
No one will count all the ones lost
The board of chess in blood soaked now
But the players will not pay the cost
Civilians they deem to be worthless
They must die for the power play
Childhoods lost as their homes burn
Will they even see another day

Childhood ends here
Cold hearts are everywhere
Hearts choked by fear

No escape from here
Run empty eye sockets stare
Death is everywhere

Childhood ends this day
Big boots take it all away
Little children cry
Mommy, daddy all did die
Where can they safe be
No where for them left to flee
No one them to hold
All alone in this world cold

Solo: Anna

In a heartbeat she
Would give back your democracy
That your war her gave
To get mommy back from the grave
Lost is hope all
Shivering as cold snow fall
Orphans the price pay
As the world turns from them away

Look her in the eyes:
A small child that cries
Dare you tell your lies?

Will you say it’s right:
Worth the death in fight
Cause it’s not your plight?

We must this game end
Hand of help them lend
Dare them to defend

There’s no time to wait:
Speak or it’s to late!
We can change their fate!

Solo: Igor